Query terms

You can either enter your query as free text or you can use the Add term to query button to build your query step by step. By using the Add term to query button you can find out what attributes are allowed and how the query should look like. Of course you can also combine both ways. Note: Using the back button leads to unexpected results. Please use the links instead.


Operator Attribute Value  

Help on searching experiment series

You can build your query by specifying an arbitrary number of query terms. The terms are combined by and, or, or not operations. Each term consists of an attribute and a value. After specifying the first term you get the number of hits or the list of hits (depending on the number) back. You may either browse this list, enter additional query terms, remove the last term, or remove all terms. The entered value may contain the wildcard characters '*' and '?'. The query is not case sensitive. For some attributes the value has a special meaning: